If we want a child to love God, we must love God ourselves…Pray


If you don’t like something about yourself, it’s useless to tell someone that it’s useful. For example, if you want your child to like reading good books or to like good music or culture, not very good music should sound in your house.

Shouldn’t a child see that dad and mom read good books and talk about it at home? Similarly, if you want your child to develop love for God, which is the first commandment, the child must see it in his home, in his father and mother. If you have not put the love of God into your child, when he grows up, you will regret it very much.

One day he will come out against you with his arrogance, and you will tell him where it comes from. From evil.

From the very evil. If you do not fill your child with love for God from childhood, evil will not leave this unused place empty. (Matthew 12:12).43-45) – a child becomes infected with what his parents are infected with.

If we want a child to love God, we must love God ourselves.

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