New details about Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement, according to monarchy expert.


The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been tense for several years. Although some hoped that Princess Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis might lead to a reconciliation between the brothers, it seems that the situation has worsened even further.

According to an expert in monarchy, reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry would be unlikely, especially after the way Harry and Meghan Markle learned of the princess’s cancer diagnosis.

Several incidents over the years have fractured the relationship between the princes, leading it to a practically irreparable point, according to experts in matters related to the British royal family.

British biographer Omid Scobie points out in his latest book « Endgame » several deep-seated causes of the rivalry between the brothers, going so far as to state that there is « no turning back » in their relationship.

Scobie describes the pain and anger between the brothers as increasingly intense, characterizing their current relationship with indifference and considering it completely irreparable.

The announcement of Kate Middleton’s cancer shocked followers of the royal family, but although it quelled speculation, new questions arise about the illness and who was aware of her diagnosis.

Gabriella Morales-Casa, a journalist specializing in monarchies, notes that the secrecy surrounding Kate’s health status was unusual, keeping the diagnosis even secret from palace staff.

The expert considers reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry unlikely, especially considering that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex learned of Kate’s cancer diagnosis almost simultaneously with the public, which could have increased tension in their relationship.

Morales-Casa explains that Harry was not directly informed by William about Kate’s diagnosis, but by King Charles, reflecting the distance between the brothers and the lack of direct communication between them.

In summary, the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry is marked by tension and distance, with few prospects for reconciliation in the near future.

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