This cute Finnegan foxes, Tabby cat, and Border Collie dog romp in the snow


SaveAFox Rescue was established in Lakeville, Minnesota, by Mikayla Raines. She has dedicated her life to the rescue of captive-bred foxes from pet surrenders and fur farms.

Raines kept in touch with the fur farmers, who would provide her with any ill or injured adult or pup foxes.

She has saved a number of foxes. However, Finnegan, one of the red foxes, has been stealing hearts online. The red rescue fox is famous for being silly.

When Raines is around, the adorable fox acts like a puppy. Raines recently let Finnegan’s foxes play in the snowy field, allowing them to enjoy the winter wonderland.

The rescue foxes playing in the snow at night with their favorite human is without a doubt the most touching moment.

Raines cuddles her beloved Finnegan while he laughs incessantly. Fergie soon joins the red fox and lets her human pet her.

Dixie, on the other hand, searches the tree inquisitively for something. At the sanctuary, Raines encounters an unexpected guest.

They were joined by a puppy Border Collie tonight. The youngster quickly makes friends with the cat and fox and plays with them.

It is overwhelming to watch the video of the dog, fox, and cat playing with their favorite human. Finnegan and Serafina, the other red fox, took some time to get to know the new pup.

Raines sits in the snow to take pictures of these adorable animals. Even in the snow, friends’ happiness is felt everywhere.

All of the animals, including Finnegan, are a blessing to humanity. People rarely get to see a fox, a dog, and a cat playing together in the snow.

The adorableness of all these lovely animals playing together is overwhelming.

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