AI robot that is lifelike befriends with two curious otters


The Japanese otter cafes are to blame for the worldwide craze for keeping otters as pets. These adorable otters are adored by Japanese people and are considered one of the best pets.

However, it is against the law in most nations to keep otters as pets. As a result, numerous otter enthusiasts have found solace in spotting Kotaro (male) and Hana (female) otters online.

Their owner has set up a profile for them on social media under the name « KOTSTUMET. »

He makes his adorable otters a viral sensation online by sharing their every move. An artificial intelligence (AI) robot named « LOVOT » was recently shown to Kotaro and Hana as their new friend.

It was a robot of the next generation. When Kotaro and Hana see their new friend, they are excited. Recharging LOVOT, on the other hand, is the first step.

After that, this artificial intelligence (AI) robot can talk and move around the house to discover the layout of each room.

Kotaro looks skeptically at the robot, as if he is trying to figure out if the machine is smarter than he is. He is, however, ultimately persuaded that he is superior to the AI robot.

LOVOT is an AI robot that has been trained to recognize faces and objects. Additionally, the robot has a body temperature, giving it a human-like sensation. Therefore, they are unique robot pets.

Bose is the robot’s name by its owner. Kotaro initially reacts negatively to the AI, but he soon tries to approach the AI pet. Bose keeps falling, which is strange to the otters.

While they eat, they stare at Bose. Although the otters are concerned about their clumsy companion, they quickly make their way upstairs to take a bath and leave him to wander the room.

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