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« ie With a lot of free time, she felt inspired to do something productive.

Stefanie spent the lockdow

After months of hard work, Stefanie finally managed to complete her project and called it « misty

His mobile home might be small, but the Vardo is packed with character and even a touch of luxury that you wouldn’t expect in such a small space!

In addition to wanting to make significant use of her time during the lockdow

In the past he traveled in a van, but now, being a little larger, he wanted more comfort.

Her store was completely closed when COVID-19 arrived, but she did not stop working.

She used this period to build her Vardo, ideal for her because it is light and towable by a car or truck.

Stefanie does not have much experience in the construction field, but she has already independently renovated some houses.

She used the Internet to help her in the construction of her Vardo, in addition to her innate ability. In total, it cost her about $ 15,000 to complete it.

Stefanie says Mist is a « magnet for the public ». Many people knocked on her to see it and ask her how she made it completely on her own. Stefanie doesn’t mind the attention; indeed, she loves it.

« I gladly show it. It’s my masterpiece. Of course I’m proud of it! », he said.

The little Vardo measures only 84 square feet, but seems more spacious because Stefanie built it sloped and with a rounded roof. Being only about 4 ‘ 11  » tall, the reduced space already seems huge for her.

Stefanie used birch plywood for the walls and ceilings. He also added scented cedar wood, making entering the Vardo very pleasant.

It intentionally placed four windows on each side to ensure air circulation regardless of the direction of the wind. This is especially useful when cooking.

The kitchen is equipped with a propane-powered three-way refrigerator, like the rest of its appliances.

Under the sink there are two five-gallon containers for drinking water and one five-gallon container for dirty water.

All he has to do is use a foot pump to get the water flowing from the tap.

The countertop is made of epoxy resin, which imitates the appearance of a river. The kitchen also features a magnetic spice shelf and a pull-out shelf.

Under the bed, Stefanie stores her laptopC He also arranged his two closets. Stefanie also has a resin-coated pull-out table under the bed base.

Stefanie wanted to separate her bed from the rest of the Vardo, so she created an arch.

Its sleeping area is equipped with a full-size memory foam mattress, offering optimal comfort.

Stefanie also decorated the space with luxury items, including a glass and mirror lamp from Morocco, as well as a handcrafted lamp from India. So far he has traveled to 28 countries.

The Vardo has a folding terrace that adds about another 30 square feet to its living space. Here he willingly relaxes and enjoys nature.

Take a ride through this beautiful custom Vardo in the video below. »

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