The young girl was walking with her mother when she heard her favorite song. She let go of her mother’s hand and rushed to dance.


When you are alone or with children, night walks through the streets are quite pleasant.

In the morning, when people are at work, and in the evening, when they are free, but in the evening, when shopping centers are quite crowded.

People often leave the house to have fun. A little girl stopped walking when she heard her favorite song while traveling with her mother to the mall.

He thought Despacito had done a great job. The girl began to dance without stopping to catch her breath. The little girl smiled, danced and radiated happiness.

The townspeople could no longer stand still, so they stood up and began to applaud. Unaware that a crowd had gathered around her, the little girl seemed to be in her dreams.

She was a nine-year-old girl who loved to dance and sing. She was so in love with the interpretation of her favorite song that she knew the performer and all the nuances.

He danced the whole song. The performance of the song was highly appreciated by music critics.

The dance to the music seemed almost a dream, and the performance was outstanding. In this way, the girl flew without limits. Her mother did not want to limit her daughter because of her diversity and freedom.

The little girl managed to attract the attention of people and quickly raise their mood.

At the end of the song, everyone applauded and praised the ballerina, noting that she should come to the mall more often to entertain people.

The girl was thrilled with what they had said and held her mother’s hand as they walked away.

Finally, the exciting evening came to an end.

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