This stunning self-built home has a rarely seen but very useful feature in a tiny house: a retractable roof.


This home in the Ne South Southales

In 2019, Br LangCe Langston and Rasa Pescud from Living Big In A Tin House House visited Ben and Nat’s home in Bron

The exterior appearance of the house is striking, with the combination of corrugated iron and red cedar wood cladding, in addition to its blue and white coloring.

At the time of filming, the couple was in the final stage of their Tin House

The house has a distinctive wedge shape at the top, designed to provide a standing space in their loft bed. Ben and Nat felt it was important for their long-term quality of life in the house. The height complies with road regulations, and the roof rises once the house is in place.

Ben stated that the entire construction was a « true work of love ».

« It’s probably been an intense six months of construction. We’re currently unemployed, so that’s pretty much everything we’ve been doing for six months, » he said. Ben’s father contributed greatly to the housework, and his brother also helped.

The beauty of building the house yourself is creative freedom. They were able to turn their ideas into reality and create a home they really wanted.

Ben and Nat have parked their Tin House House on Ben’s parents ‘ 260-acre property, but said it won’t be their final location as they plan to move it in the future.

The couple loves natural wood, so they used it a lot in the interior of the house. They designed it cleanly, white and open, to make the house look bigger than it is.

Plants placed in the space add a cozy atmosphere.

The strategic arrangement of the windows also allows them to connect with their surroundings.

« We actually spend a lot more time outside the home, so it was really important for us to integrate into our surroundings, » Ben said.

The kitchen is an open space with plenty of storage space and a full-size refrigerator under the staircase.

The lounge area is integrated into the house, allowing the family to sit comfortably together. The seats can be raised to reveal storage space.

The staircase behind the sofa leads to their daughter Charlie’s loft, which has a bed, a desk and a small pillow.

Below is the bathroom with a compostingater

The loft bed of Ben and Nat is spacious, and they can stand up thanks to the practical extendable roof.

The windows offer great views and allow the breeze to pass through the whole house.

« Living in a house that we built with our own hands is extremely satisfying for us, » Ben said.

Ben and Nat have done such an excellent job with this house that it’s hard to believe it’s their first DIY construction project. Check out the video below.

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