« A couple transforms a destroyed tiny house into a dream home with two tiny houses and a huge terrace. »


Get inspired by amazing terrace ideas for tiny houses as you explore the story of a couple who combined two tiny houses with a huge terrace to create a unique and spacious outdoor living area.

After their first tiny house was destroyed, a couple named Lauren and Patrick worked together to transform it into their dream home.

The couple previously lived in Kansas City, Missouri, but decided to move due to a desire for a change of scenery.

While exploring their options, they came across the tiny house movement and were immediately drawn to the idea.

Lauren and Patrick imagined that living in one would give them the freedom to travel while having a home they could call their own.

Lauren and Patrick set out to build their tiny house, spending around $32,000 for the entire construction. They lived in it for about a year and a half, the majority of which was spent traveling.

Eventually, they purchased a plot of land, and as they drove up the hill to their new location, they encountered a steep and bumpy road. The trailer then rolled back behind them and fell into a ditch.

Their house was ruined – the cabinets and staircase had fallen off the wall. Unfortunately, the house was no longer inhabitable.

But after a year, the couple found the courage to rebuild their tiny house.

Today, their 10-acre property includes two tiny houses connected by an expansive 320-square-foot terrace.

In the summer, the outdoor terrace area serves as an entertainment space for guests and for watching movies with a projector.

One of the tiny houses sits on a 20-foot trailer they purchased from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes in Colorado. Both have water, electricity, and a septic system installed.

Lauren and Patrick decided they needed a bit more space for a washer and dryer, so after living in the area full-time, they purchased a « mini-house. »

On the back of the mini-house is the utility room, where the well tank, water treatment system, water heater, and circuit breaker are located.

The surroundings of their home are a real highlight for nature lovers.

« We love this landscape here. We’ve had a fox family up in a den up there for a few years now since we moved here, so they’re really fun to watch, » said Lauren.

Inside the tiny house is a large kitchen area that takes up about 14 feet of the 20-foot trailer.

It features a deep sink, custom cabinets and shelves, a drawer-style dishwasher, a tile backsplash, a two-burner cooktop, and a flat hood.

Above the kitchen is a storage loft accessible via a removable ladder. In the cabinets up there, they store their excess kitchen utensils.

A cool feature in the house is the hanging swing chairs for lounging and relaxing.

The sleeping loft can also be accessed via a removable ladder. It features a queen-size bed and a fold-down projection screen that doubles as a blackout curtain.

The bathroom has a regular shower, sink, and flush toilet.

The mini-house is better insulated and provides more space for Lauren and Patrick to relax.

It has a comfortable couch, a mini-fridge, an ice maker, and additional storage space.

They’ve also added a home office workspace for Lauren to use while working from home.

Check out Lauren and Patrick’s dream home in the video below.

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