This freight container house, located off the grid, is surrounded by incredible panoramic views.


Who wouldn’t want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and simply relax in nature? That’s exactly what Rosie is doing right now: she’s enjoying her off-grid house in Coromandel, New Zealand, with breathtaking views of nature.

Rosie stumbled upon this gift of nature while searching for a property to settle down.

She immediately fell in love with the property and told herself she had to live here. She sold her property in Auckland and bought the land where she could build a wonderful off-grid house.

For her, it’s about nurturing nature and finding inner peace. The off-grid life wasn’t a difficult decision for Rosie because she really liked the industrial look. She also heard good things about how durable container houses are and how sturdy they are.

The off-grid house features 12 solar panels and a 4-kilowatt system, two 25,000-liter tanks, and a wood composting system. It was made from five 20-foot containers and can easily be expanded into a larger house.

Living off-grid was a dream for Rosie. It has its challenges, but it gives her a sense of strength and security that she’ll be okay no matter what happens.

Rosie’s front house is impressive. It features a gathering area where she can cook over the fire and spend a lot of time together, chatting and admiring the surroundings.

Rosie tries to plant as much as possible to benefit from edible and medicinal plants. Her home even has a name, Ahrewa, which means sacred space.

Upon entering the main building, you’re greeted by a huge, functional kitchen. Rosie loves cooking, and she has movable cabinets that she can rearrange for parties. There’s also a fireplace that quickly warms the house.

Her kitchen is equipped with basic appliances and kitchen utensils, but what’s special is its vibrant color. She chose to paint the wall orange as it symbolizes the sunrise and makes the space feel relaxing.

Despite the not-too-large space, Rosie has created her own personal library after two decades of collecting books.

She has organized it really well, with categories for each section. When she’s not busy, Rosie likes to curl up in her cozy reading nook.

On the other side of the house is the bathroom, which is simple but exceptionally beautiful. There’s a toilet that flushes like a normal one but leads into black and gray tanks.

The black tanks go into the composting system, and the gray tanks from the sink and shower flow into the forest. Rosie also opted for a larger shower, just in case she gets older and weaker.

Behind the bathroom is a bedroom with incredible panoramic views. The king-size bed is very comfortable and a great place to snuggle up and enjoy the spectacular nature.

It’s also nice to experience the sunrise in the morning.

Currently, Rosie doesn’t live here permanently, but her goal is to retire in

this beautiful off-grid house. She also comes here as often as possible to relax and enjoy nature.

Rosie said she’s really proud to go off-grid and design the house from scratch, as she had never designed and built a house before. She’s also happy that it turned out exactly as she imagined.

« Creating your own home was a really interesting journey because I planned this house years ago, and it was a really nice way for me to put myself into the house, » Rosie said.

Watch the video and let yourself be enchanted by Rosie’s off-grid container house with natural-rich views:

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