« 5 secure places to hide money to prevent discovery by your partner or neighbor »


1. Stuffed animals. Let’s transition from cookies to teddy bears. Don’t the two above look adorable? Is it cute enough to go unnoticed?

That’s the plan after all. Do you recall those lovely cuddly teddy bears with an internal battery and a zipper at the back to access it?

What image do you have of this place as a nice, cuddly money stash? How much deception is involved?

2. A hollow book. How often do you assume a good classic is a disguised piggy bank?

This is an excellent concept for individuals who own a home library, and this hiding spot would be hard to beat. The only disappointment is that the pages had to be cut.

There are also ready-made books with pre-made cut/hollow spaces that serve the same purpose.

3. Secret underground glass. A secure glass container buried in your garden or backyard could be a fantastic and intriguing place to keep your money.

Just leave a stone or something to indicate the location. Apparently, this was a favorite of our ancestors.

4. Socks. This may seem strange to those of you who believe socks have two functions: to be worn or for the dear old Santa Claus, let me add a third – to also hide your money!

5. Between the steps. Turn a loose board into an improvised little closet to stash/hide money.

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