« The needy child was invited into the shop to warm up. The next day, it did something that made everyone cry. »


It happened recently, on a late autumn evening. Since the shop was open late at night, there were only a few customers, and we stood by the window chatting.

It was very cold that day, so I turned on the heater to keep warm. Suddenly, I saw a child about seven or eight years old on the street.

From the passersby, I could tell it was a beggar searching for money. Then I noticed the child shivering from the cold. That sight tore at my heart.

I rushed outside, took the child by the hand, and led them into the shop. Other staff brought warm food and tea. I wrapped the child in my jacket. The child cried tears of joy and went to…

That day, we stayed together until shortly before closing time. He told me he had to go somewhere. His mother had died, and his father was an alcoholic. The boy and his two sisters lived with their elderly grandmother.

The next day, the same boy returned, and we almost cried when we found out the reason.

The boy brought two small loaves of bread, seeds, and homemade fruit juice. He gave us everything and said, « This is all we have to thank him for. »

How could he hold back at that moment? … I had something stuck in my throat, and I felt like I was choking.

There’s a reason they say those who have less give more… That’s true.

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