« Abandoned Castle in Czech Republic »


Originally a Baroque castle, Hořín Castle is now maintained in the Rococo style and was built at the end of the 17th century upon the request of Count Jakob von Czernin.

Some agricultural buildings were later added to the castle, enclosing the castle courtyard and forming an artistically unified architectural piece.

By the end of the 18th century, Hořín came into the possession of the Lobkowicz family, who have been the owners since then. The castle is surrounded by a park covering an area of 10 hectares.

Part of the sale also includes a farm covering an area of 1.4 hectares. Hořín Castle is located in a village of the same name, not far from the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Elbe, 2 km from Mělník and approximately 40 km from Prague.

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In 1969, Count Heřman Jacob Czernin had a Baroque hunting lodge built according to the design of Giovanni Battista Alliprandi. It was adorned with paintings by F.M. Schiffern and his brother Antonín.

However, the count found the lodge rather small, so between 1713 and 1720, it was rebuilt into a Baroque castle according to the project of F.M. Kaňka. Later, the castle underwent several renovations and expansions.

Two pavilions were added to the building, connected to the castle by diagonal corridors. One of the pavilions was intended as accommodation for guests, while the other was converted into a castle chapel.

Finally, some agricultural buildings were constructed, serving as stables. This arrangement has since been preserved, representing a valuable and artistically unified architectural piece.

The Rococo interior furnishings, the so-called « stone rooms » dating from 1760-1763, which are partially preserved on the ground floor of the castle, are also noteworthy.

The central building has three above-ground floors and a basement. The total usable area is 10,000 square meters.

The ground floor covers 2,300 square meters, which can be used as space for a restaurant, various private rooms, and accommodation facilities.

The beautifully preserved Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk can serve both for religious rites and as a concert hall. On the first floor, there are 2,200 square meters available, ideal for conversion into hotel rooms and private rooms.

The second floor covers an area of 1,200 square meters, requiring the construction of luxury rooms or suites. The space on the third floor, with the most beautiful view, measures 750 square meters.

The spacious basement is also noteworthy, offering 1,700 square meters for the construction of wellness areas or conversion into wine cellars.

The castle is located not far from the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe rivers, about 2 kilometers from the town of Mělník in Central Bohemia. Nearby is a nature reserve called Kokořínsko.

From the castle, there is a unique view of the castle in Mělník, which also belongs to the property of the Lobkowicz family, and of Mount Říp. The nearest airport, Václav Havel Airport Prague, is 40 kilometers away.



Thanks to its convenient location near Prague, the castle invites the construction of an extensive hotel with a luxurious restaurant, preserving late Baroque elements with early Rococo and attracting guests through its historical charm.

The spacious basement can be used as a unique space for wellness.

In the extensive castle park, the rooms of the orangery can be utilized, and other buildings can be converted into stables with a riding hall.

There is ample space for parking.

There is a project for the conversion into a luxury hotel.

If interested, we can arrange a viewing.

Another possibility is to convert the castle into a luxurious senior home or Alzheimer’s center.

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