« At the age of 16, I became pregnant with twins, and my parents disowned me and threw me out of the house. Ten years later, the unexpected happened. »


« My own experience taught me that family doesn’t always have to consist of biological parents.

Instead of supporting me when I became pregnant with twins at 16, my parents disowned me and threw me out of the house. They tried to convince me to get rid of the children for three months, but I refused.

I was convinced that these children were destined and I was determined to keep them. Fortunately, at that time, I had my partner, who was two years older than me and whom I could trust.

Despite what people said about our connection, we worked hard to keep them healthy and strong.

Although he had just started his studies and had other plans for the future, my beloved supported me in my decision to keep the children.

Together, we worked hard to take care of our children and build a wonderful life for ourselves. And now, ten years later, we have a successful business and a loving family with two children.

My parents, who had previously rejected me and my children, showed surprising interest in our lives after learning about our success through acquaintances.

But my family today consists of my husband and my two daughters, and we are content without the addition of outsiders.

I have learned that family is not only based on blood relation, but also on love and support. Despite the obstacles, my husband and I were able to build a strong and happy family. »

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