This mini bar is currently going viral due to its impressive handcrafted interior design.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have picked up numerous new hobbies to pass the time. Some have turned to cooking, baking, gardening – anything that keeps them occupied and distracted from the gloomy news about COVID-19.

This family from Wigan, Greater Manchester, found a perfect way to entertain themselves and make a loved one happy while in quarantine: by building a mini bar in their garden!

During quarantine, Grandma Crabtree was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this mini bar was meant to be a surprise for her.

The family wanted Grandma to enjoy pub lunches safely without coming into contact with others. Going out to eat at a pub was also a Sunday tradition for them, and they wanted it to continue during quarantine.

The couple commissioned Amy Casey, co-owner of Octavia Chic, to help them build an English mini bar. Amy was just as excited as the Crabtrees about building the pub.

From the first day of construction to the last, she and her husband, Mark Casey, were there to oversee everything that needed to be done.

The designers wanted to ensure that this mini bar in their garden would be exactly what the Crabtrees envisioned.

And to make it even more fun, they decided to document the entire process on Facebook.

« My husband and I have had some very busy weeks working on our new favorite project. ‘The Drunken Crab’ was built for the Crabtree family, who love having their own pub in the garden, » Amy wrote on Facebook.

According to her post, it only took three weeks to build this amazing home pub, and the family was absolutely thrilled with the result!

Now they can gather for a drink and pub sandwiches in their personal bar. The black-and-white interior feels both simple and elegant. If you think the outside looks great, wait until you see what’s inside!

Once you enter the bar, you’ll find it equipped with everything you’d expect in a regular pub. There are several tables, chairs, stools, glassware, bottles of wine, a dartboard, a bar area, a fireplace, and scampi fries.

The bar was hand-built, and the structure was created by Mark from a kit. The seating area was made from an old church pew.

As for the interior design, Amy took charge. She upholstered an old cushion to make the bench more comfortable.

Then she adorned the pub with vintage accessories, memorabilia, photos, and furniture. The couple made sure everything fit into the 11×11-foot space.

Amy also added bar essentials like a dartboard with a scoring chalkboard. She also created a handmade pub sign.

Overall, they’re very proud of their work – and rightfully so!

« There was this feeling of forgetting where you actually were – not just in the backyard, » Amy told House Beautiful.

« When all the subtle lights were on, we thought: We’ve literally created a real pub. »

Check out the gallery below to see more photos of « The Drunken Crab. »

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