« Daughter transforms the garage into a ‘new home’ for her mother, and the end result pays off. »


Let’s face it, living is an expensive affair. Whether you’re shelling out money for rent or nibbling away at a mortgage, it’s almost unquestionable that it takes a big bite out of your budget.

For those dreaming of financial freedom or simply looking to alleviate daily stress, finding a housing alternative that doesn’t compromise safety or well-being is crucial.

Take Stacy Lince and her mother, Lee Reich, for example.

They were shelling out a hefty $4,000 monthly for housing, living separately and watching their expenses skyrocket. Aware of the financial strain and looming debt threat, Stacy and Lee knew they needed to make a change.

So, they pooled their resources and managed to acquire a modest home. It wasn’t extravagant, but it perfectly met their needs.

An added bonus? The property had a detached garage.

This garage wasn’t just an afterthought; it was part of their grand plan.

They intended to transform it into a new home for Stacy’s widowed mother, Lee Reich.

Originally gearing up for an expenditure of $25,000 to kickstart the project, a stroke of fate in the form of a local tragedy prompted the city government to reduce fees, thus saving them a substantial amount of money.

The challenge was real: converting a 380 square foot garage into a comfortable home.

Every inch of space had to be meticulously planned to ensure Lee’s mobility and safety.

But their efforts paid off. The result? A stunning transformation from an ordinary storage space to a charming, cozy home.

This tiny house is a marvel. The days of it just being a garage are gone.

Now, it’s a snug retreat with all the essentials for a comfortable, secure life.

The living room, though compact, accommodates up to four guests with ease.

The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner stove, a large fridge, a chic sink, and a microwave.

And while there’s no dishwasher, Lee doesn’t mind at all.

She’s parted with many items, including her large bed and most of her book collection.

But this sacrifice brought new joys. She now has a spacious wardrobe for her clothes and shoes, as well as a bathroom that’s anything but cramped.

Despite their proximity, the family respects each other’s privacy. Lee can retreat to her space and close her bedroom door for some peace from the lively children outside.

Meanwhile, Stacy’s family has revamped a portion of their living room and created a separate patio area.

The family still values their shared time and often gathers in the communal space between their homes. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy lunch or sip coffee with guests.

To truly appreciate this incredible transformation of what was once a plain garage into an adorable grandmother apartment, watch the video below.

It’s proof of what creativity and resourcefulness can achieve in the realm of housing!

What a beautiful transformation – see below!

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