« 11-week-old baby girl speaks for the first time. What she says is amazing. »


As she mentions her own name, you’ll notice how pretty she is. Her name is Eela, and she has achieved this amazing feat at the age of 11 weeks.

When babies discover the wonders of communication, they tend to babble at an astonishing speed and produce a variety of sounds.

Parents should try to understand what their children are saying and make sense of sentences that are often gibberish.

Little Eela, who is only eleven weeks old, is already able to accomplish an amazing feat: she can say her name.

Her caring mother has captured the beautiful moment on video, which internet users around the world can enjoy. This achievement is particularly impressive considering Eela’s age.

While most toddlers’ first words are « mama » or « papa, » Eela is exceptionally clever for her age.

Although infants can start making sounds as early as seven weeks, most of these utterances are precursors to language or sounds that approximate sentences but are not yet. These represent phrases like « da-da » and « ba-ba. » I hope Eela’s mother shows her the video when she’s older so she can see how delightfully clever she was at such a young age.

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