« I found a strange ring in my husband’s car, and that has turned my life upside down. »


When Jane noticed her husband, Patrick, paying more attention to his phone than to her, she suspected him of infidelity. The situation escalated when she discovered a mysterious ring under the car seat.


« Lately, everything about my husband seemed odd. Patrick, who used to be an open book to me, had become a mystery. He went from being indifferent to his phone when we were together to being downright obsessed with it, guarding it as if it were a precious secret.

Most evenings, I dined alone because Patrick had secluded himself in our study, pretending to work while murmuring into his phone.

« What’s wrong, Patrick? » I asked him after enduring the same cold routine for two weeks. « Work’s demanding, Jane, » he said, making eye contact. « It’ll settle down soon, I promise. »

Normally, Patrick would sit down with me to discuss his work, but instead, he retreated to his study with a cup of coffee. It wasn’t just the distance between us; it was the silence and unspoken words permeating our home.

A few days later, Patrick informed me that I could use his car for work. « Use mine, darling, » he replied when I mentioned that stopping at the gas station would make me late for work. « I filled it up last night. »

I got into Patrick’s car and breathed in the familiar scent of his cologne mixed with the old leather seats. As I adjusted the driver’s seat, I spotted it – a beautiful ring, hidden behind the seat in a velvet box.

It wasn’t mine, that was obvious. But it was incredibly beautiful, with a familiar feeling. My heart sank as I saw the intricate design and how it shimmered in the light. Whose ring was this?

I started the car and drove to work, questions flooding my mind. Was there someone else? Were Patrick’s late nights and mysterious phone calls intended for another woman?

Who was on the other end of his whispered conversations? I entered my office, feeling the weight of Patrick’s potential infidelity bearing down on me. Patrick informed me that my 30th birthday was approaching, and he had big plans for it.

But what if he wouldn’t stay long enough with me to celebrate? What if he left me for someone else? In a moment of anger – or perhaps desperation, or even revenge – I devised a plan.

If this ring belonged to the other woman in Patrick’s life or was meant for her, I wished she could feel a fraction of the pain I was experiencing.

So, I took my bottle of habanero sauce, which I use for all my meals at work, and drowned the ring in it. After it dried, I placed the ring back in its original spot and prepared for the impending storm.

Then I grabbed my stethoscope and began examining my patients. When I returned home, Patrick was cooking dinner, but as soon as he turned off the stove, he put on his shoes.

« I have to go to my mother’s; she needs some help around the house. I’ll be back soon, » he said as he headed out the door. I paced around the house, expecting something to happen.

I considered calling Patrick’s mother to see if he had actually gone to her. « Pull yourself together, Jane, » I reminded myself before helping myself to dinner.

My phone rang, snapping me out of my thoughts – I had to stay vigilant in case any of my patients had a medical emergency. Instead, it was Monica, my best friend, speaking in a panicked tone. « Jane! I need your help! » she said into the receiver, barely catching her breath. « What’s wrong? » I asked softly.

« I put on a piece of jewelry, and my hand feels like it’s on fire. What should I do? This has never happened to me before! It’s so bad! »

Her words shocked me. This couldn’t be a coincidence. So, the woman I accused of adultery with my husband wasn’t a stranger but my best friend?

I needed answers. After calming Monica and advising her to quickly dip her hand in yogurt, I gently asked her why she was in such pain.

« I… I don’t know, Jane. It only started a few seconds after I put on the ring. Patrick didn’t know what to do either, so he told me to call you, » she said, gasping as she realized she had betrayed herself.

« My God, Monica. Why are you with Patrick? Just tell me. There was a pause. She had a brief moment of uncertainty before admitting the truth.

« It’s not what you think, Jane. Patrick and I were planning your surprise party. This ring is for you. It’s a family heirloom from Patrick’s side that he wanted to give you. He just showed it to me because he had just cleaned it.

« I just wanted to try it on. » The pieces of the puzzle finally fit together. All the late nights, the secrecy, Patrick’s fixation on his phone – it was all for me.

In my rush to condemn, I had nearly lost the trust and affection we had built over the years. I urged Monica to bring Patrick to me so I could examine her hand. When they returned home, she told.

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