The husband mocks his unemployed wife for doing nothing all the time; after the ambulance takes her away, he finds a note.


Many people think that housewives don’t have much to do, but the truth is they have a lot on their plate. These mothers do a lot of work that often goes unnoticed.

They take care of the children, run errands, and clean the house. After getting married and having their two sons, Sara gave up her job as an interior designer to focus entirely on her boys, Cody and Sonny.

While her husband worked as a well-paid game developer, she took care of many things around the house.

He paid the bills, but he never seemed to appreciate his wife’s work, even though she didn’t have a « real » job. Plus, he wasn’t even home much.

Harry often stayed late at the office because his job demanded overtime. When he came home, he expected his wife to have taken care of the house, the kids, and even his things.

One morning, Sara and the children were waiting for Harry to join them for breakfast.

When he entered the kitchen, he glanced at his phone and didn’t even acknowledge his family. He quickly grabbed some toast and went back to his room.

Shortly after, he started yelling at Sara because she hadn’t ironed his white shirt for an important meeting coming up. « Until now, I didn’t have enough whites to make a full load, » Sara said to me. « You have more than one white shirt! » said Sara to me.

« Don’t you realize today is a big day for me? » Harry replied. « Harry, you’re overreacting. It’s about how you present yourself. It’s just a shirt. » « Okay, then stop barking. » « Wow, really now? Are you barking? Do you want to do that now? » « What are you going to do, Harry? You make a big deal out of nothing. And no one would care what color your shirt is because everyone will be watching your show. »

« What the hell is that? Say that again… Did you just say that? Do you know how hard I’ve worked on this job day and night? » « Be careful what you say. « The kids… » Harry said loudly, « You do nothing all day at home. »

« Is it too hard to remember something simple? You do nothing at home except Blah Blah Blah. » « Harry, put that down! The kids are here. They’re scared of you. »

« Wow, really now? » And nobody watches you while you’re on the phone with your friends all the time. That’s not being watched, is it?

If you can’t even do the smallest thing for me, you’ll never be a good wife! » Sara was very hurt by what Harry said. What he had done to her was too much.

Harry randomly picked a shirt and left for work. His presentation went well, and he couldn’t wait to tell Sara and the kids about it.

However, he was a bit confused because she hadn’t called him during the day to apologize for the argument. It didn’t matter whether Sara was right or not; she always apologized first.

Sara wrote a note saying she wanted a divorce, which Harry found when he entered the house.

Harry didn’t know what to do, so he called Sara’s sister Zara. Zara told Harry that Sara had been taken to the hospital. Harry went to the emergency room.

He wanted to talk to Sara and see her. He was told he could only stay briefly in her room because she had suffered a fainting spell. When he saw Sara, he started crying.

He asked her if she meant what she wrote when she said she wanted to leave him. Her answer was a clear « yes. » She didn’t want to listen to him trying to change her mind.

After she was discharged from the hospital, Sara didn’t return home. She left Harry with the children and went away. He was in a very difficult situation. He had to take care of them and go to work at the same time.

Harry started to be late and not finish his work on time because it was difficult for him to balance work and family life. His boss, who was also his friend, asked him one day to go out for a drink so they could talk about work.

« Harry, we’ve noticed you’ve been coming late often and missing appointments. We’re also a business… If you catch my drift, » said Mr. Adams, the boss.

« So are you planning to let go of your best game developer? » Harry joked to lighten the mood. « I’m afraid so, » Mr. Adams said quietly. « I have no control over it. I’ll suggest a few good places to you. » « What? Don’t do that! This job is important for my kids. »

As Harry left the bar, he received a call from Sara. He hadn’t heard from her in a long time, and what she told him left him speechless. His ex-wife told him she wanted to have custody of their children.

« Who has custody? » he continued excitedly. « You’re so rude! After you left? » Harry got angry. « Quickly, I’m their mother, » Sara said, « I have rights. » « You left them alone, and now you want to take them away? » said Harry, « They’re used to me now. »

Sara was determined to go through with it. « You should give them back to me. « We’ll see you in court. » The judge heard Sara and Harry’s versions on the day of the hearing.

Since he had lost his job and was only doing video editing on the side, he didn’t earn much money. At the same time, Sara got a job as an interior designer and earned more money than her ex.

After the discussion, the judge decided to grant Sara full custody. Harry was very sad. He knew how to take care of his children.

As Sara hadn’t been seen for six months, he was the only one who knew about it. « Mr. Harry, you can see your children and take them for two days a week. »

Every month, you must pay $860 to support your children. The case is now closed. When it was time for Sara to leave with the children, they didn’t want to leave their father.

« You’re tearing us apart, » said Cody as he quickly hugged Harry and let go of Sara’s hand. He also said, « We want both Mommy and Daddy! »

That was it. Sara cried so much that she couldn’t stop. She went to her children and hugged them. She knew they needed both parents to be with them.

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