« The red container looks perfectly normal from the outside, but inside, there is a beautiful house. »


When someone thinks about buying their first house, they probably don’t immediately think about a shipping container.Usually, one thinks of beautiful doors and windows, huge yards with white picket fences, not a metal container.

But for some, a container is the perfect solution for an easily transportable and cost-effective home.

This red metal container looks perfectly normal from the outside, but inside, it’s a charming little house.Since the emergence of the Tiny House movement, more and more people are interested in a minimalist lifestyle.

Tiny houses enable a more nomadic life, as they have wheels or can be easily transported.

That means you can travel across the country without ever leaving the comfort of your home!


While most buyers of Tiny Houses are singles or only live with one other person, there are already families who have joined this movement and live in Tiny Houses made from old buses.

Inside this container, we see beautiful wooden floors and walls and plenty of space for organization.



Every corner is cleverly utilized, and there are ceiling lights that illuminate the house like natural light, giving the impression that there are more windows than there actually are.



And the best part? It’s for sale on eBay!

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