« This family has decided to move to a small house in the countryside to expand their life and be debt-free. »


Families moving into tiny houses will tell you how much they’ve gained compared to the space they’ve lost. Many people try to stay away from large mortgages.

For Deb and Peter, their downsized home helped them realize and connect with what matters most in their lives.

The couple found the idea that « bigger is better » quite absurd, especially when it comes to a house they could barely afford in Auckland.

Deb and Peter sold their first house to secure a piece of paradise nestled in a property surrounded by lush greenery – far from the noise and traffic yet still within walking distance of the city.

The family’s tiny house snugly rests amidst Peter’s parents’ property. « We wanted to be here to somehow help my mother and father, because my mother was suffering from terminal cancer, so it was just great for us to be close… » Peter said.

Besides the sentimental value of their home, the location of the tiny house proved advantageous for the family. Their home became a successful blend of rural and urban life.

It’s only minutes away from the city, yet the property retains the ambiance of country living. The couple also walks their four-year-old daughter Mackenzie to kindergarten.

The family’s tiny house measures 29.5 x 9.8 feet, along with the house’s terrace for additional living and dining space or a generous area for friends and guests.

Peter used a large folding door to separate the outdoor and indoor spaces, giving the house a seamless flow. The kitchen is also equipped with folding windows to connect it with the terrace.

Deb and Peter’s home exudes personality, from the exterior with horizontal and vertical lines, black metal, and cedar. When you visit Deb and Peter’s property, it’s easy to spot the modern-looking house amidst the greenery.

Inside, you’re greeted by a spacious-looking living room. The abundance of windows allows the family to admire nature while still having access to ample daylight.

Deb and Peter opted for a versatile sofa with storage underneath for clothes, toiletries, and everyday necessities.

What comes with avoiding large mortgages is the sacrifice of space. Downsizing meant Deb and Peter had to let go of most of their furniture and decorations.

You’ll see only functional pieces and selected mementos from their past. Opposite the sofa, you’ll see a mini-gallery dedicated to Mackenzie’s artworks.

Past the living room is the house’s spacious kitchen – almost comparable to a normal-sized kitchen. The gorgeous kitchen occupies one-third of the space in the tiny house.

« We can say our kitchen is just as big or even bigger than in other places, and it’s really cool because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, » Deb said.

Deb and Peter also ensured their kitchen provides plenty of countertop space for appliances and a workspace, as well as a small dining table for all three, for rare occasions when they don’t want to use the table on their terrace.

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is spacious too. Inside, you’ll find a 3.3 x 3.3 feet shower area and huge cabinets for the washing machine and laundry essentials.

You’ll also find a flushing toilet connected to the sewage, which helped the couple train their daughter to use the potty. In front of the toilet is a beautiful vanity unit with deep drawers.

Upstairs, the bedroom floors are separated by a small door. Deb and Peter also soundproofed their daughter’s room to prevent any noise or distractions.

Mackenzie’s room is filled with color, books, and toys. The room’s wallpaper features a floral pattern, while the small bed is nestled next to the loft’s windows.

Deb, Peter, and Mackenzie have been living in their tiny house for a little over a year. Everyone has adapted well to life in the tiny house.

Surprisingly, they feel that their lives have more value despite living in a downsized home.

Peter is just a short walk away from his father to help him with errands and provide emotional support. Meanwhile, Deb works once a week to cover their rent.

« Living in the tiny house has taught me that less is more, » Peter explained. The couple’s triumphant decision has freed them from their large mortgage and allowed them to easily adapt to the pandemic.

Most importantly, they all felt closer together – along with less clutter, cleaning, and housework.

During their time in their tiny house, Deb and Peter realized how many things they owned in their old house that they didn’t need.

As parents, they want to be role models for Mackenzie to not lead a life of excess. And what better way to teach this lesson than by living in a tiny house?

Here’s a virtual tour of Deb and Peter’s tiny house:

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