Donna shows the 10 by 18-foot cabin that she and her husband will share for their retirement.


Twila, a retiree from The Woodlands, Texas, has adopted a unique and cost-effective retirement plan: she lives in a custom-built tiny house.

After retiring at the age of 62 and a half, she and her husband decided to move from their traditional 3-bedroom house to a tiny house in eastern Tennessee.This decision was motivated by their desire to reduce the time and effort spent on home maintenance and to enjoy a simpler life.Now they are living their dream.

The couple discovered Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube and began planning their new residence.They designed their dream home on paper and, after making the payment, saw their project come to life in just four months.

Their custom-built home, measuring 10×8 feet, with special windows and lighting, cost approximately $56,000 USD. It is located in one of the four communities of Incredible Tiny Homes, known as « The Forest. »

Living in « The Forest » community, they pay a moderate monthly rent of $225 USD for their land, which includes water and sewer services.Additional expenses such as electricity and internet amount to about $125 USD per month.

This cost-effective lifestyle allows them to live near the Smoky Mountains, a dream come true for Twila.

Their tiny house, a « Liberty » style measuring 10×8 feet with a copper metal roof and siding, reflects their taste.

They chose flat wood siding and applied polyurethane for a glossy and protective wood finish.

The house features a custom 4×4 foot window in the living area and a mini-split air conditioner, strategically positioned to make the most of the space.

Twila and her husband also built a small cabin on their property for additional kitchen storage space and a freezer.

This additional space is essential for her passion for cooking and allows her to store fresh ingredients.

They also expanded a patio to accommodate chairs and a fire pit, along with a matching 6×6 foot storage shed.

The couple’s outdoor space includes an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, gas grill, and smoker, ideal for preparing Texas briskets.

Embracing the tiny house lifestyle, they enjoy spending time outdoors, connecting with nature, and the basics of life.

Inside the tiny house, the living area serves as both an entertainment center and business hub.

A mini-cube fireplace, suitable for small spaces, provides warmth and atmosphere.

The kitchen, equipped with a cooktop and oven, is spacious enough for both to cook without getting in each other’s way.

Twila’s passion for cooking is reflected in her well-used kitchen.

The bathroom features a 36-inch shower, a regular toilet, and an instant water heater for immediate and endless hot water.

The house also includes a stackable washer and dryer with a vented dryer for efficient drying.

The loft ladder is designed to be movable to allow easy access to large appliances.

The loft is their bedroom, with enough space to comfortably stand.

Although Twila would have liked to add a second skylight for more light and space, she is satisfied with her cozy sleeping space.

Living in a tiny house has simplified her life, reduced maintenance, and allowed them to fully enjoy each day.

Visit Twila’s little corner of paradise in the following video!

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