The son-in-law transformed the garage into a real house, so that the mother-in-law could be nearby but at a certain distance.


If you have an unused garage, why not turn it into an ADU?

ADU, short for « Accessory Dwelling Unit, » is a separate living unit within a single-family residential property.

It’s like an additional house, slightly smaller than the main one, located next to or adjacent to it.

It’s called an « accessory unit » only because it’s secondary, rather than describing the structure, as it’s more functional than the term « accessory unit » might suggest.

Martin Brown moved to Portland, Oregon, and converted his garage into an ADU.

He loved the city and started a family there.

But when his son Sebastian arrived, his mother-in-law wanted to live nearby to be present for her grandson.

Instead of buying a new house, Martin thought of converting their garage into an apartment for the grandmother.

It’s a cozy home that offers everything necessary.

They renovated and redesigned the house so that it could accommodate the essential rooms of a home.

Despite its size, they managed to make it functional and it turned out to be even more spacious than expected.

They also added some plant pots and a pathway to make it look like a separate house.

There’s a feeling of warmth and welcome as soon as you enter the house.

There’s a sofa bed comfortable enough to sit and relax on, while looking out through the French door which, when needed, opens up as a guest bed.

There’s a fireplace to keep the atmosphere cozy and warm.

Even the kitchen space hasn’t been spared.

There’s a large fridge, a two-burner stove, and a sink. There are no cabinets, but there’s enough shelf space to keep things open and easily accessible.

All pots, pans, dishes, and other utensils are hung on hooks, which are also perfect for drying.

Upstairs, there’s a bedroom on a loft with a queen-size bed and a reading nook.

Even the stairs to the bedroom were designed to save space.

They have alternating steps, so that the full height is utilized without taking up much space. Let’s just hope grandma can use them for a long time!

And right next to the stairs, there’s a sliding door leading to a bathroom.

The key to making this ADU look spacious is to let in as much light as possible.

They didn’t put in windows to create a sense of privacy, but a large French door and skylights illuminate the space.

Even the kitchen, located above the loft, has a glass window that lets in light from the roof windows.

Martin also made sure that the house still resembled its original structure.

The exterior design of the house is still the same as the original 1920s garage and has only been modernized with a new coat of paint.

They also kept the original concrete floor so that the structure was on a durable and long-lasting material.

Finally, remnants of the old garage – like old fixtures and locks – were incorporated along the kitchen counter, addi

ng to its rustic-industrial look.

It’s an extraordinary tiny home that might make you consider it as an option for your parents, in-laws, or maybe even yourself!

Take a full tour of the house by watching the video below!

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