The mother took a photo of her daughter in front of the school. At first glance, the picture seems innocent, but it reveals something surprising upon closer inspection.


She and her mother went outside on the first day of seventh grade to take a photo.

Mills and her mother posed near a tree, taking photos when they were surprised by an unexpected guest.

Several shots had already been taken, and everything looked beautiful. Then Mills’ mother noticed something unusual.

« I saw it had camouflaged so well that I took a closer look and realized what it was, » said Joy Mills, the girl’s mother, to The Dodo.

It was a snake lying on the tree trunk, staring directly into the camera while Mills posed for the photos.

Afterward, when she looked at the picture, Mills noticed the snake behind her and was speechless.

She wasn’t aware of the unusual photobomb until she was at a safe distance from the tree.

It seemed like the snake was jealous of the attention Mills was getting and decided to claim its own « photo time. »

Thanks to this unexpected encounter, Mills will surely have the best back-to-school photos in her class. Share this funny snake photobomb with your family and friends!

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