The nose is 19 centimeters long. This is how Thomas Wedders, the owner of the longest nose in the world, lived.


« In the 18th century, there lived a man in England named Thomas Wedders, also known as Thomas Woodhouse. Thomas gained fame due to his appearance, particularly because of his enormous nose.

It is believed that his nose length was 19 centimeters. This fact made him the owner of the longest nose in the history of mankind.

Thomas was part of a troupe and enjoyed incredible success with the audience, as freak shows were popular in 18th-century Britain and some other European countries.

Due to the shape of his long nose, his face was partially deformed.

Little is known about Thomas. He was born around 1730. Newspaper articles of that time described Thomas as mentally retarded. Some even called him an idiot.

Nevertheless, Thomas was determined to make the best of his life. He became a skilled artist, a master of his craft.

He entertained the audience with his unique appearance. People came from far and wide just to see the man with the longest nose in the world.

Unfortunately, there were no phones or cameras at that time to capture these people alive. However, conversations about this personality have been increasing lately.

A reproduction of Thomas was found in Robert Ripley’s Gallery.

Robert Ripley was an American traveler who traveled the world in search of the unusual and mysterious. One of the phenomena that fascinated Ripley at that time was Thomas Wedders.

Thomas Wedders died in 1780 in his hometown of Yorkshire at the age of 50. After his death, the Guinness Book of World Records awarded him the title of the owner of the longest nose in the world.

Thomas Wedders should be remembered as someone who lived his life with grace and dignity. He accepted his unique feature and used it to entertain others. There is much to learn from him.

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