« A young woman who had lost her husband would water his grave once a week. »


We always appreciate a good joke that brings laughter, and this one will surely do that.

It’s true that some women marry much older men hoping to inherit their wealth, and the woman in this story fits that description.

Every week, she faithfully visited her husband’s grave to water the flowers, always with her back turned to the gravestones.

A young man who observed this ritual couldn’t resist starting a conversation with her.

« I see you have great respect for your deceased husband, » he remarked. « Hello, I noticed you never turn around when you leave; that’s really nice! »

When the woman met his gaze and replied, he was speechless.

« Well, young man, my husband used to joke that I had a butt that could bring the dead back to life. I’d rather not take any chances! »

Isn’t that simply delightful?

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