The little Gavin, who was born with a huge face, is now 4 years old. How he looks now.


Joseph and Victoria Silvestri learned in the fifth month of their pregnancy that their son Gavin would be different.

Through frequent consultations with specialists, they were prepared for the birth of an unusual baby.

Gavin was born on February 1, 2018. At a height of 46 centimeters, he weighed just over 3 pounds, which is completely normal. Only the baby’s face was of enormous size.

This peculiarity attracted the attention of journalists, and several major media outlets wrote about the unusual child.

The boy’s popularity quickly grew, and thousands of people began to follow his page on social networks (which his parents had set up).

Many of them not only followed Gavin’s life but also offered their help.

Immediately after birth, the baby underwent numerous medical procedures to determine the cause of the peculiarity and prevent further enlargement of the face.

It turned out that Gavin’s facial enlargement was due to a lymphatic malformation. And it would take quite some time to normalize its size…

The boy is now four years old. He is developing into a very bright and hardworking child.

Recently, he was enrolled in preschool, where he is making great progress and is praised by his teachers.

The child’s face is still larger than normal, but gradually it is becoming normal.

One day, Gavin will have to part with his peculiarity and become a « normal child. »

And his parents are doing everything they can to bring that day closer.

And just as he was as a child, he will remain in the future.

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