Warning: If you find that the door handle of your door is secured with a rubber band, do not touch it.


« Our home is our sanctuary. It’s the place where we should feel safest, where we can find the peace we deserve after a long and exhausting day.

Our home is our comfort zone, and we should never feel threatened when we’re indoors.

To ensure that nobody violates their privacy, many people install surveillance cameras on their property, but even in this case, burglars find a way to break into homes.

The woman was home alone when she heard a knock on the door. The knocks became more intense. However, since she wasn’t expecting anyone, she decided not to open the door.

As the knocks grew louder, she became scared and decided to wait for a while before going out to see if anyone was still there. After a while, when the person seemed to be gone, she went downstairs and opened the front door, only to notice that a rubber band was on the door handle.

Confused and not knowing what it could be, she decided to call the police to report the incident.

When the officers arrived at her place, they explained to her that other people in the area had reported the presence of rubber bands on their door handles and explained to her why thieves placed them in that location. »

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