« Wallet found lost for 50 years: The man was speechless when he saw the pictures inside. »


Every amateur treasure hunter or collector strives to find something of significant value that they hadn’t recognized before, whether it’s of sentimental or financial worth.

Indeed, there are good reasons why many people consider treasure hunting as a serious hobby. Some become so proficient that they eventually turn it into their profession.

Of course, truly groundbreaking discoveries are rare, no matter how many deposits you search through, how many old chests you open, or how many antique vases you buy in hopes of uncovering something valuable.

The most fascinating discovery in the life of treasure hunter Anton Lulgjuraj occurred in May 2017 when he opened an abandoned locker and discovered a 50-year-old wallet.

Lulgjuraj had begun his adventure years earlier by purchasing unused lockers in the state of New York. Though his discovery didn’t make him millions, it certainly was enough to make headlines when the wallet’s previous owner was identified.

In May 2017, Anton Lulgjuraj bought an abandoned locker with the intention of selling something inside. According to reports, he didn’t know what was stored in the unit, but upon opening it, he found several items belonging to an Air Force pilot.

He found an old worn-out wallet hidden in a small box. The wallet contained a California driver’s license from the late 1960s belonging to a woman named Diane Hall, though there wasn’t any spectacular discovery for Anton to sell.

Anton wasn’t particularly interested in the woman’s identity or the fact that the card showed she was twenty years old, but he still searched through the wallet and discovered an acting card and some old photos.

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