A couple adopts an unwanted « deformed » child who was abandoned at birth, and you can see him now.


Around the world, there are about one billion people living with disabilities.In other countries, children with disabilities are treated like « freaks »; they are denied the opportunity to go to school, left to fend for themselves in unsanitary facilities, and subjected to cruel punishment.

One of these children is Rustam, who had several health problems that affected his appearance, leading his biological parents to abandon him as a newborn.

Just before he was supposed to go to a « disabled house, » a miracle happened.

Before 2006, there was no system to protect people with disabilities. In that year, the United Nations adopted an international treaty that, for the first time, protected people with disabilities and children who had been mistreated, abandoned, or locked up in some countries.

One of the children abandoned shortly after birth because of his appearance in the hospital was Rustam.

Rustam, born in Russia and still needing several treatments to become healthy, had no interest in being adopted or fostered.

Then, in 2017, Nika Zlobin, a generous woman hoping to foster or adopt a child, came across Rustam’s picture.

« It was a hole instead of a face, » recalls the Muscovite as she looked at his picture.

She and her husband Yuri were given a list of requirements Rustam needed, including speech therapy, cosmetic surgery, and a leg prosthesis, after expressing interest in the boy.

« After reading it, I concluded that everything could be solved, » said the woman in English. « Why shouldn’t we do the same? »

Their first meeting with the child went better than expected. « They brought Rustam into the playroom when Yuri and I arrived. »

« When I met him, he seemed to me like a miracle child, and I was prepared for a lot, » Nika notes. « I thought he would be wearing diapers. Honestly, I was surprised. »

The timing of Nika and Yuri’s intervention was perfect; Rustam, mainly communicating through gestures, was being prepared to be transferred to a « disabled house. »

It would have been a one-way street, Nika said, « and he wouldn’t have survived in a disabled home. »

Without delay, the couple completed the paperwork, put Rustam in the car, and took him to his new residence in Moscow.

Nika replied, « I didn’t think about it. I know many adoptive parents are concerned about their ability to love someone else’s child as their own. She is just as strict with him as she is with her own daughter, Iya.

His parents want him to work on his therapy with them; they don’t treat him differently.

Rustam objected, but she forced him to use crutches to move around the apartment while teaching him how to walk.

Rus screamed, complained, and insisted on being carried, which revealed his true character. But afterward, she said, « He started working and running quickly. »

« What a loner. »

Since Rustam became part of the family, Nika has been fighting for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

Others, however, continue to call the little child a freak and abuse him. « Let’s call things by their name, Freak, » a woman wrote to me.

Nika particularly recalls one message. « Alternatively, they often write: ‘We couldn’t live next to such a freak. How did you decide to do that?' »

« I don’t know, maybe someone just wants to see the beautiful side, » Nika lovingly responds. I find it more important that Rustam owns the whole universe.

Nika claims that although her skin has thickened, the attacks could still hurt sometimes. « [People] prefer to stick labels on things… if you don’t look like everyone else. Much evil, much evil.

Rustam’s parents support him despite the nasty remarks and tell him that « everything is fine with him: two eyes, one nose, one mouth. » Soon there will also be two legs. He has the ability to see, hear, and speak.

And to show his lively personality, the child, currently about ten years old, relies on his « brightness and courage. » He proudly dresses up and styles his hair into cheerful ponytails and rasta braids.

Nika describes her child as « broad and open-minded, sometimes coming to contradictory conclusions, » so it was easy for her to encourage him to explore new things. « Rustam never asks questions about his appearance. He enthusiastically repeats how beautiful his whole family is and how impressive he is overall.

Unfortunately, Nika’s Instagram account has already been deleted, so we can no longer follow Rustam’s incredible hair and crazy dance moves.

« If my account were suddenly blocked, I would probably feel better because I wouldn’t have to see dozens of hate comments about my son, » the woman explained before.

People can be so cruel to a loving couple giving the world to a helpless little child – it’s devastating.

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The adorable little child was born without a leg and with part of his hip missing due to « multiple malformations, » which also altered the appearance of his face.

In the first two years of his life, he was fed through a tube, and in the following two years, surgeons « literally piece by piece collected his face. »

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