Shannen Doherty is preparing for death by giving away her personal belongings.


Shannen Doherty firmly believes that science can help her defeat her cancer, but for the sake of her mother, she continues to part with her belongings to be prepared for her death.

The actress from « Beverly Hills, 90210 » spoke about her awareness in the Monday episode of her podcast « Let’s Be Clear. » She recounted how she cleared out her storage unit after learning that her personal items were making her family and friends unhappy.

SD emphasized that she currently prioritizes the needs of her mother Rosa, as she doesn’t want to burden her with many things if she loses her battle against stage four cancer.

She said, « Because it’s going to be so hard for her, I want other things to be much easier. I don’t want her to have to deal with a lot of things. I don’t want her to have four storage units full of furniture. »

Shannen will sell the items from her storage unit, including a large collection of antiques. She wants to use the money to take a trip with her mother.

However, she will not use her savings for these trips, as she wants her family to be provided for after her death. As a reminder: Shannen initially revealed in 2015 that she had breast cancer before beginning treatment and going into remission.

Nevertheless, she informed everyone last year that the cancer had returned in stage four and had spread to her bones.

Despite her health problems, Shannen remained optimistic. In January, she announced that she had a new « miracle » treatment.

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