The owners discovered a secret chamber after purchasing the house. What they found astonished everyone in the room…


As an Italian family renovated their house, they made a fascinating discovery. In Italy, the family decided to sell their city apartment and move to the countryside. They were looking for a cost-effective and durable accommodation.

They opted for a two-story house, built from sturdy stone despite its age. They decided to purchase the house and renovate it.

As the craftsmen began repairing the stairs, they discovered that the steps leading to the second floor were open.The new owners were surprised. After moving the steps aside, they discovered another room under the stairs.

The house had been empty for a long time, and the owners had changed several times.

It was unclear who had built the secret chamber and for what reason. At first glance, the room was cluttered with rubbish and useless items.What was missing? Folding tables and chairs lined the walls, while a stack of old dishes stood in the middle of the room.

The owners started removing unnecessary items and discovered something valuable. On the top shelf was a box of expensive, vintage 1970s wine.

All the bottles had remained untouched for many years. Aside from the wine being excellent, it was valuable as a collector’s item since production had been discontinued.

A rare book from an antique publisher was another significant discovery. Although somewhat weathered, the book was still in excellent condition. The chamber was barely 20 square meters.

The owners decided to convert it into a pantry. They never found out why the chamber was created or why it was hidden under the stairs.

Perhaps it used to be a wine cellar or a library and then became a place to store all sorts of rubbish.In any case, it was fascinating to discover it in the house, and even more so, to find valuable items from the past.

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