Family transforms old ‘dilapidated’ shed into beautiful Tiny House for only $16,000


Small houses, though not a new concept, gained significant momentum around the year 2000.This surge in popularity can be traced back to a crucial moment when Jay Shafer’s tiny home was featured in the Des Moines Register.

Shafer, often referred to as the « godfather » of modern tiny houses, sparked a nationwide trend of moving into these quaint, compact dwellings.

Gary Johnson, co-founder of the Tiny House Movement, reflects: « The article was the beginning of what we call the modern Tiny House Movement – something that looked like a small version of traditional houses. He lived in what looked like a chic garden shed. »

Fast forward to September 2020 and we meet Katy and Michael Zientek, a young couple who decided to embrace this minimalist lifestyle.

They inherited a sizable estate in Fayetteville, Texas, from Michael’s grandparents. This estate included a large house and an old 280-square-foot cottage built in the 1980s.

After renting a house for seven years, the couple looked forward to finally owning their own home.

However, the main building on their new property needed renovation, temporarily requiring Katy and Michael to find alternative accommodation.

Coincidentally, Katy had always been fascinated by tiny house living, a dream she shared with Michael during their time in their rental house.It’s hard to believe that this dream would come true much sooner than expected.

The solution to their housing problem lay just fifty meters from the main building – in the old warehouse.


This 280-square-foot space was to be transformed into Katy’s long-awaited tiny home.Michael, although experienced in construction, faced a new challenge as this was his first project building a fully inhabitable structure.

The couple was deeply involved in the construction process, doing 90% of the work themselves. However, they enlisted experts to help with the interior walls.

Ingenuity was key to their project as they reused materials from a barn on their property for the ceiling and added a personal touch to their tiny home.

In this compact space, they managed to create a multifunctional one-bedroom house.

It featured a small but complete kitchen, a living room that also served as a dining room and bedroom for their seven-year-old daughter Carolina.

Their own bedroom was cozy, accommodating a full-size bed for them and their two-year-old daughter Harper, as well as a large dresser and a bathroom that also served as a closet.

An essential feature of many tiny houses, a porch, was also added by Michael. This outdoor space provided a perfect spot for the family to enjoy pleasant spring and summer days.

The entire transformation took nine months and cost $16,000.

Once they move into the renovated main building, the Zienteks plan to keep their charming tiny home and offer it as a vacation rental.

This transition from renters to homeowners and eventually to landlords is a remarkable journey in the real estate sector.

For those curious about how this 40-year-old warehouse was transformed into a cozy home for four, there is a video showcasing the entire process.

It’s a testament to the resourcefulness and determination of a family joining the Tiny House Movement.

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