« Man takes landscape photo – before noticing an unusual detail. »


Gavin Best, a professional photographer, was out with friends on New Year’s Eve on Cavehill in Belfast when he decided to stop and take a photo of the picturesque landscape.

Even though he didn’t have his professional equipment with him, the sight was too good to miss, so he managed to capture a stunning photo showcasing impressive lighting, framing, and composition.

When he got home and examined the photos more closely, Best noticed something unusual.

In a conversation with The Mirror, Best explained that the tiny dot visible in the distance on the rock he had photographed was actually a man, a total coincidence who seemed to be jumping into the air for another photo.

« When I looked at the photos later on my phone, I didn’t notice anything; it was only a few days later when I was going through the photos on my laptop that I noticed something over there, so I zoomed in, » he said.

Naturally, there were people claiming that the photo was not a coincidence but some kind of staging, which Best denied.

« In fact, ‘I couldn’t see anyone over there’ at that time the picture was taken. »

The mysterious figure appears near the edge of the hill, quite far from the camera, prompting one user to ask if the person might have been attempting to « jump off the cliff. »

However, Best assured them that couldn’t be the case because there were other people there, visible in his other photos from that day.

In addition to appreciating the photo he captured, Best also commented on the nature in a separate tweet, writing, « By the way, this is on top of Cavehill in Belfast.

It’s quite a hike to get up there, but it’s amazing to have such a hike so close to the city center. »

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