« Am I a bad mother for kicking out my pregnant daughter? »


« I’m so caught up in the many twists of my story that I’m not even sure where to begin! When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I thought she was on the right path to college! My child did something so terrible, it forced my hand after I had given in to this monkey business! »

« Hello, everyone. My name is Ella, and this year, Rose, my daughter, will be 19 years old. I want to know what everyone thinks about a somewhat challenging story I’m about to tell. My daughter, who is fifteen, has been dating twenty-year-old Nathan for a year now. »

« Okay, I’ll be honest: as a single mother who has seen it all, I had my doubts about Nathan. But to my wonderful surprise, he turned out to be a really nice guy. I noticed myself getting to know him and thinking of him as my adopted child. »

« When I found out something I didn’t want for her at this age, I wasn’t overly pleased. ‘Mom, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me not to get upset,’ she said to me one day when she came home. »

« Of course, I had heard this statement before and had my backup plan. I cursed myself for letting Nathan into my heart as my imagination began to replay all sorts of scenarios! I even blamed myself for lowering my defenses around him. »

« I’m not sure how, but I had the sneaking suspicion that he was up to something my daughter would like to talk about! »

« But I tried not to show my reservations on my face as I tried to be a good parent. ‘What’s wrong, baby? You know you can tell me anything,’ I said coolly. She sighed and took a deep breath before hesitantly saying, »

« ‘I’m carrying Nathan’s child.’ You’re going to be a grandmother. »

« I was truly surprised! For some reason, I hadn’t considered that as an option. After all, Rose was still a baby herself, and she was about to become a mother! I felt a wave of disappointment as I thought about how drastically her life would change. »

« I imagined all the things she would have to deal with now, as she had to postpone her college graduation. »

« I worried that her schooling might have to be completely put on hold considering what she and Nathan were planning. My daughter watched the fear in my eyes and comforted me, »

« ‘I understand that you wanted me to focus on securing my future, but Nathan and this baby play a significant role in that.' »

« She assured me that everything would work out. I gave in to the joy that greeted me as I realized I would soon be getting a grandchild! I stood up and congratulated her and Nathan, hugging them. Rose then retreated and said, »

« ‘Well, I’ll give you another surprise.' »

« This time, she extended her left hand, and there was a ring on her ring finger! »

« ‘When he proposed to Mom, I said yes!’ In that moment, as the waterworks began, I could see how concerned Nathan was for my child and her future! I was thrilled for my newborn daughter! »

« Even though I hesitated, in the following days, I couldn’t help but be excited. Their wedding and the birth of my first grandchild were two reasons to rejoice! I let them stay in my house since I was so involved in their lives. »

« In the meantime, Nathan set about building a strong foundation for his new family. »

« The happy couple even got a special room in my house for the nursery. It was a lot of fun decorating it together! But one fateful afternoon, things took a drastic turn in my modest, usually peaceful home. »

« I came home earlier than usual, carrying a bunch of cheap stuff from the neighborhood store in my arms. I had bought stuff to prepare for the arrival of my grandchild. However, I had no idea that the tranquility of the day would soon collapse in front of me. »

« With a spring in my step, I entered the kitchen, only to be met by Rose. She was wearing just her pretty underwear. Her astonished look matched the rhythm of my pounding heart, which seemed to see a problem before I did. »

« ‘Mom! Why are you coming home so early?’ Rose’s voice wavered as she stuttered. »

« ‘Baby, who are you talking to?’ echoed from the hallway before I could respond with a deeper, unfamiliar voice. The casual intimacy of the conversation made my stomach twist as I realized it wasn’t Nathan! »

« Rose had two steaming cups of coffee in her hands, and I finally noticed, dropping the diapers and other items. My hands still tremble from what I saw that day. »

« ‘I thought I’d surprise you with it,’ I exclaimed, raising my voice as I pointed to the mess at my feet. But apparently, I’m the one surprised. With a racing heart, I moved in the direction of the voice, ignoring Rose as she begged, ‘Mom, please, let me explain!' »

« I ignored her, pushed open the bedroom door, and saw a man I didn’t know, covered with the bedsheet Nathan’s mother had given him! »

« ‘Rose, what’s going on here?’ demanded I with a sterner voice, thick in the air. The man stood up, attempting to look dignified, which only made me angrier. »

« ‘Oh my God, ma’am. ‘I wasn’t aware —’ he began, and his eyes flickered irregularly. »

« ‘Get out!’ I gave him a harsh cutoff. Without pause, he rushed away from me, carrying a remorseful spirit with him. »

« Rose was crying now, her betrayal splattering her makeup. ‘It was a mistake, Mom. I was just insignificant. Please, don’t let Nathan know. Please,’ she begged me. »

« ‘They claim ‘it was nothing,’ but how? You’re betraying everything our family has worked so hard to achieve for you! I shouted, and my eyes burned. »

« ‘You lied to everyone, not just Nathan. We prepared this home and this room for your future and the future of your child. »

« However, seeing you with another man in the house where we painted fantasies together only solidified my resolve even more! Rose, you made your decision. You have to leave now. I need some space to think and recharge before I determine whether I can ever see you in the same light again or not. »

« Rose fell to the floor, clutching my legs. »

« ‘Mom, I have no money and nowhere to go! Please, I’m scared,’ she said. I felt a piece of me falling apart as I stood there, watching her pack her few belongings through tear-streaked eyes. However, the lie was too profound, and the injury too fresh. »

« I’m contemplating my options as I sit here alone amidst unfinished dreams. There are great doubts about the paternity of the baby—did Rose even carry Nathan’s child? Should I impose this reality on him? »

« Was kicking Rose out the right course of action or too harsh a decision? »

« With a heavy heart, I come to you, readers of my troubling tale: Should I tell Nathan this sad truth? Was it right for me to preserve the integrity of our family? Or am I a deceived mother acting not wisely but hurtfully? »

« In Ella’s story, she had to kick out her daughter because she disobeyed her home and everything she and Nathan had done for her; But in the subsequent narrative, another parent was forced to take the same

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