The daughter is building a beautiful small and accessible house so that her elderly mother can live independently.


As we age, it’s nice to have family around who can help with certain things. However, most people would prefer not to rely on them for everything and would rather maintain their independence.

An elderly lady named Merle returned to Victoria, Australia, to be close to her family. However, she also wanted to live in the comfort of her own private home. Her daughter Ferne, a designer of tiny houses, took on the challenge of creating a home for her elderly mother. She had built many beautiful homes, but this one was special. It was for Mom.

The gorgeous 23.5 feet by 8 feet house was designed to meet the needs of Merle, her elderly mother. Wide entrances with ramps make the house super accessible and accommodating for Merle. Even the kitchen counters were built with Merle’s size in mind. The design also accounted for potential changes in Merle’s age.

The walls are reinforced with railings in case Merle needs something to hold onto to maintain her balance. Ferne thought of everything when it came to the brilliant design of the house.

This splendid terrace could be dismantled in case you decide to move or sell. But the beautiful countryside offers such a lovely view that it’s hard to imagine you’d consider leaving.

Merle will never tire of the spectacular views. It’s like the icing on the cake. Ferne also made sure that the roof and walls provided good insulation so that winters wouldn’t be problematic for her mother. Screens were also installed to prevent insects from entering. After all, we’re in Australia.

The main screen at the ramp entrance is motorized. Merle just has to press a button to raise or lower it. Ferne let Merle choose the colors and designs for the interior so that her mother truly felt it was all hers.

Her elderly mother opted for the look of wood. It gives the house a sense of more open space. Underfloor heating was also installed, as Ferne knew how important it was for the elderly.

Merle’s floor is flat and non-slip, so she can walk and move around safely wherever she wants to go. A very interesting feature is Merle’s bed. The simple press of a button raises the bed to the ceiling during the day.

The motor operates on a 12-volt battery with channels integrated into the wall.

Ferne incorporated closets into the walls, while drawers are located in convenient and easily accessible spots for Merle. Merle finds her home easy to navigate even with a walker.

Her bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are all within reach, and she gets where she wants to go without stress. Important for her age.

Merle says the house is the best gift her daughter has ever given her. Ferne has truly made her mother’s home her best work to date. The design is impressive.

It’s so practical, yet so amazing that your elderly mother can still move with style. Merle and Ferne agree that everything is perfect, and we couldn’t agree more.

Click on the video below for a full tour of Merle’s brilliantly designed elderly home! Please share this with your friends and family.

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