The girl went treasure hunting with a metal detector for the first time, and the discovery radically changed her life!


In the hills and forests of West Virginia, with a bit of luck and, of course, a good metal detector, one can find many artifacts with centuries of history.

Ryan always told Lisa to distinguish between disturbances and a clear signal to search underground for real objects, otherwise they would only find trash instead of what they were looking for.

They ventured deep into the forest because they knew it was the best place to find something. They were amazed when suddenly a very loud squeak echoed.

It was unusually loud, and they immediately had so much hope, and they were rewarded.

The signal unmistakably pointed to metal underground, and Ryan began to dig while Lisa filmed what was happening.Soon they pulled out a rusty and heavy box, and it wasn’t empty! There was a piece of fabric inside, and the treasure was there.

The boy opened the box and pulled out a ring, asking her if she would marry him!

The girl was just as surprised as you are now! We hope we’ve kept the story interesting for you! Enjoy watching and share it with your loved ones to ‘trick’ them too!

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