« If you see a plastic bottle on your tire, be warned. »


The modern life is exceptionally complex. You have so many bills to pay – many of which didn’t even exist a few decades ago.

Work is piled on you for no apparent reason – you have to scan your own items at Walmart because they don’t want to hire extra people, you have to do your own tasks, you have to pay for your own retirement.

With so many things bothering us and occupying our minds as we go through daily life in the modern world, adding another thing could simply be too much.

Yet, the message we want to share with you today is essential for your safety. If you ignore it, you might not be with us tomorrow.

So listen carefully and act if you ever see a plastic bottle stuck between your tire and the frame of your car. And if you see it, immediately call 911.

There’s a new trick for thieves to steal from you. And it’s very effective. Car thieves have discovered a useful and very cost-effective method to steal your car.

If you ever see a water bottle on your tire, you know a potential thief is lurking in the shadows. They are watching you. And they are eyeing your vehicle.

Though this trick was first reported in Limpopo, South Africa, it has quickly spread to the rest of the world and is being used here in the United States with great success.

Here’s how the trick works. When a potential car thief sees a vehicle they want to steal, they place a water bottle against the wheel to « mark » it.

They place the bottle on the front passenger-side tire so the driver won’t notice it when getting in.

When the driver starts moving the car, the empty plastic bottle crackles and makes all sorts of alarming noises.

The first thing most drivers do is stop the car and get out to see what they ran over. That’s when the car thief strikes!

If a driver leaves the keys in the car and the vehicle running, the thief just needs to get into the car and drive away. The owner stands dumbfounded on the sidewalk.

The thief could also simply take the opportunity to get into the car and steal valuables like a wallet or a cellphone left behind.

The driver puts themselves in danger as soon as they leave the vehicle to investigate what caused the noise.

The next time you get into your car, take a few seconds to check the tires. Look for anything unusual.

And if you see a water bottle stuck between the tire and the frame of the car – be vigilant. The potential thief might be watching you.

Quietly dial your phone number and call 911 to inform the police about what happened and that you feel threatened. Provide your location and details about your vehicle.

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