« It took fifteen years of hard work to build this house! »


Fifteen years of hard work were required to build this house! It’s a true testament to perseverance and commitment.

Every brick laid, every plan devised represents immense effort and a concrete vision of what this house was meant to become. Every day, craftsmen dedicated their energy and expertise to making this project a reality.

And now, before us stands this magnificent, solid, and imposing residence, the result of so many years of effort and dedication. This house is much more than just a building; it embodies the determination, patience, and hard work that went into its construction.

When they bought this house in 1988, it came with two cats. Unfortunately, one of them was run over by a car and died, and sadly, the other suffered the same fate.

However, the second cat didn’t die but was turned into an indoor cat. They didn’t allow her to go outside.

But then they thought she would need companionship, so they went to the shelter and adopted cats from there. At some point, it became clear to them that the place truly belonged to the cats.

So, they decided to transform the house in a phenomenal way.

There is a total of 15 cats, and it’s their paradise. They have tunnels, bridges, suspended walkways, everything they need for an extraordinary life.

Just watching them play everywhere is quite a spectacle.

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